10 Sentences of Simple Present tense

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The present simple tense is used to talk about actions or states that are habitual, repeated, or general facts that are always true. It is formed by using the base form of the verb without any auxiliary verbs or additional endings.

For example:

  • I drink coffee every morning. (habitual action)
  • The sun rises in the east. (general fact)
  • She speaks Spanish fluently. (state)

We use the present simple tense to talk about routines, schedules, habits, general truths, and permanent situations. It is also used to describe things that are always true, such as natural phenomena or scientific facts.

10 affirmative sentences of simple present tense

  1. She writes poetry in her free time.
  2. We attend church every Sunday.
  3. The kids play in the park after school.
  4. He studies for his exams every night.
  5. I practice yoga to relieve stress.
  6. The clock ticks away the seconds.
  7. They eat lunch together every day.
  8. The trees provide shade on a hot day.
  9. We listen to music while we exercise.
  10. She takes a nap in the afternoon.

Other examples of Simple present sentences

Other examples:

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