READ: past tense

No ratings yet. “Read” is one of the most necessary and commonly used verbs in the English language that you simply cannot live without. Below we explore its past tense usage. The verb “read” is one of the so-called irregular verbs that we have to memorize. Fortunately, all the forms of this verb are exactly… Continue reading READ: past tense

Past tens: TAKE

5/5 (1) The verb “take” is one of the most commonly used verbs in the English language. Today we will show you how to use this word correctly. Irregular verb forms need to be memorized, and unfortunately the verb “take” is one of those irregular verbs. TAKE verb forms Infinitive Past Tense Past Participle Take… Continue reading Past tens: TAKE

Speak vs Talk

5/5 (1) ‘Speak’ and ‘talk’ both mean ‚to communicate something’. However ‘speak’ is more formal, we use ‘speak’ in more serious situations. ‘Talk’ is the usual word we use in informal communication. Are they completely interchangeable then? Let’s see. SPEAK We usually use the verb ‘speak’ to express our feelings; therefore the focus is mainly… Continue reading Speak vs Talk

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