Present Simple tense Negative sentences

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10 present simple negative sentences
10 present simple negative sentences

We have prepared sample sentences in the Present simple tense. This article contains ten negative sentences. In the following articles, we have prepared ten affirmative sentences and questions.

Present Simple Negative sentences

  1. She does not write poetry in her free time.
  2. We do not attend church every Sunday.
  3. The kids do not play in the park after school.
  4. He does not study for his exams every night.
  5. I do not practice yoga to relieve stress.
  6. The clock does not stop ticking away the seconds.
  7. They do not eat lunch together every day.
  8. The trees do not provide shade on a hot day.
  9. We do not listen to music while we exercise.
  10. She does not take a nap in the afternoon.

Present Simple tense Negative sentences

Other examples of Present Simple sentences

Structure negative in the present simple tense

We construct a negative sentence by adding the word „not“ after the verb „do/does“.

If we talk about the 3rd person singular, we use the verb „does not/doesn‘t“. If we talk about any other person, we always use „do not/don‘t“.

The important thing to note here is that we do not combine a suffix with the verb „does“.

We cannot construct a sentence like the following: „He does not likes bananas,“. Instead, we only use the verb in its base form instead of combining it with a suffix, as we do in affirmative sentences. The correct sentence will be: „He does not like bananas.“

More about Simple present tense structure and examples. 

The structure looks like:

Subject + do/does + not + object.

Present Simple negative construction

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