20 Examples of sentences of Present Perfect Tense

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27 May 2023, author: Vladimir Danek
20 Examples of sentences of Present Perfect Tense

20 Examples of sentences of Present Perfect Tense

The Present Perfect tense is a grammatical structure used to describe events or incidents that happened in the past but have significance in the present. It emphasizes the result or effect of the action rather than its specific timing. Its creation involves using the auxiliary verbs “have” or “has” followed by the past participle of the main verb. The Present Perfect tense is used to recount past experiences, completed actions, or ongoing situations that began in the past and continue until the present moment. It is also employed to tell about recent events in the past or express actions that have occurred multiple times.

20 Examples of sentences of Present Perfect Tense

Here are twenty examples of sentences in the Present Perfect tense:

  1. I have visited Paris several times.
  2. She has studied Spanish for five years.
  3. We have finished our homework.
  4. They have seen that movie before.
  5. He has lived in London since 2010.
  6. The company has achieved its sales targets.
  7. I have never tasted sushi.
  8. I haven’t seen him today.
  9. She hasn’t visited Paris yet.
  10. We haven’t received the package.
  11. They haven’t finished the project.
  12. He hasn’t called me back.
  13. The train hasn’t arrived on time.
  14. The restaurant hasn’t served breakfast.
  15. Have you finished your work?
  16. Has she ever been to Australia?
  17. Have we met before?
  18. Have they seen this movie?
  19. Has he studied for the exam?
  20. Have the guests arrived yet?

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Other examples:

When to use present perfect tense

The Present Perfect tense is utilized in English to indicate actions or states that have a connection to the present, despite occurring in the past. It is used in various situations, including:

  1. Unspecified time in the past: When the exact time or date is unknown or not relevant, the Present Perfect tense is used to focus on the experience or result of the action.
  2. Actions continuing from the past to the present: It is used when an action began in the past but is still ongoing or has an impact on the present.
  3. Recent past events: The tense is employed to discuss actions or events that happened recently and have relevance to the current situation.
  4. Experience or accomplishments: It is used to describe life experiences or achievements up to the present moment.
  5. Multiple occurrences or repeated actions: When an action has happened multiple times in the past, the Present Perfect tense is used to convey this information.

The specific usage of the Present Perfect tense depends on the context and intention of the speaker or writer. Understanding these common situations will assist in accurately applying the tense in communication.

20 examples of Present Perfect Form of verbs

Here is a table showing the verbs in the first column and their corresponding present perfect forms in the second column:

Verb Present Perfect Form
be have been
have have had
see have seen
use have used
become have become
ride have ridden
write have written
think have thought
sing have sung
do have done
go have gone
get have gotten
make have made
come have come
know have known
see have seen
find have found
give have given
tell have told
become have become


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