The noun Beer: countable or uncountable?

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We refer to uncountable nouns as those nouns that cannot be counted, the number of pieces cannot be determined. There is no plural form of an uncountable noun.


Read a special article on the difference between countable and uncountable nouns.

Meaning of the word Beer

An alcoholic drink made from grain and hops

The noun Beer in dictionaries

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How to count Beer?

Sometimes we really want two count uncountable nouns. You can add something countable before each uncountable one and this “trick” will solve it.

  • A gass of beer
  • Two glasses of beer

Some and Any in the case of the noun Beer

You can use some and any with plural countable nouns and with uncountable nouns.

We can use uncountable beer in sentences:

  • I drank some beer
  • We don’t need just any beer in these times

Little, Few, Many and Much in the case of the noun Beer

We use many and few with plural countable nouns and we use much and little with uncountable nouns.

We can use little and much with the noun beer. And we cannot use many and few.

We can use uncountable music in sentences:

  • How to make a little beer
  • So we had a cheeky sausage and a little beer.
  • How much beer should I drink?
  • Someone who drinks too much beer.

Other examples of sentences with the word Music

  • There’s a new type of beer being sold.
  • Indulge in our craft
  • The most expensive beer in history.
  • The Scottish beer giant shipped hundreds of kegs of beer to America.
  • They produce 3 million pints of beer a day.
  • Pubs have run out of some beer brands because of supply chain issues.


10/10 - (16 votes)