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Present perfect continuous of take

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Present perfect continuous

I have been taking

​The present perfect continuous tense (sometimes referred to as the present perfect progressive tense) is a special tense which talks about events in the past that last into the present. It usually emphasizes the duration or amount of time that the action has been taking place. The present perfect continuous uses two auxiliary verbs in combination with a main verb.

We have prepared some examples of present perfect continuous tense.
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have been taking 
have been taking 
has been taking 
have been taking 
have been taking 
have been taking 



Other verbs conjugation take

Present "take"take
Present Continuous "take"am taking
Simple past "take"took
Past Continuous "take"was taking
Present perfect "take"have taken
Present perfect continuous "take"have been taking
Past perfect "take"had taken
Past perfect continuous "take"had been taking
Future "take"will take
Future continuous "take"will be taking
Future perfect "take"will have taken
Future perfect continuous "take"will have been taking

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