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Past perfect continuous of partake

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Past perfect continuous

I had been partaking

The past perfect continuous tense (sometimes referred to as the past perfect progressive tense) is specific type of tense in English. It is easy to learn but harder to use. As we already know, the past perfect continuous also describes events that „passed in the past“ – just like the past perfect tense.

The only difference is that the past perfect continuous describes events that started, lasted but also ended at some point in the past.
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had been partaking 
had been partaking 
had been partaking 
had been partaking 
had been partaking 
had been partaking 



Other verbs conjugation partake

Present "partake"partake
Present Continuous "partake"am partaking
Simple past "partake"partook
Past Continuous "partake"was partaking
Present perfect "partake"have partaken
Present perfect continuous "partake"have been partaking
Past perfect "partake"had partaken
Past perfect continuous "partake"had been partaking
Future "partake"will partake
Future continuous "partake"will be partaking
Future perfect "partake"will have partaken
Future perfect continuous "partake"will have been partaking

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