Verb form V2 (the past tense)

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There can be up to five different forms of verbs, usually referred to as V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5. Verbs are simply words that express action or a certain state of being.

The past tense form is created by adding –ed  (or just –d in some cases) to the end of the root form of the verb. This does not apply to irregular verbs. The past tense of irregular verbs is created in all sorts of ways and the only way to feel completely sure while using them is to learn them by heart.

Infinitive Present Simple Past Simple
to create I create We created
You create You created
He / She / It creates They created


There are four past tense forms in English:

Past simple: I created
Past continuous: I was creating
Past perfect: I had created
Past perfect continuous: I had been creating



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