50 Examples of sentences in the past perfect continuous tense

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The past perfect continuous tense (also known as the past perfect progressive tense) is used to express an action that began in the past and continued up to another point in the past. This tense is utilized in English to highlight the duration of an action and is very useful for emphasizing the continuity of events over time. In this article, you will find 50 examples of sentences in the past perfect continuous tense, including affirmative, negative, and interrogative forms.

Affirmative sentences

  1. She had been studying for her exams for three weeks straight.
  2. They had been working on the new project since January.
  3. He had been jogging every morning before work for two months.
  4. I had been reading that book for days before I finally finished it.
  5. We had been trying to reach you all morning.
  6. The kids had been playing outside since sunrise.
  7. You had been teaching at the university for a year before you resigned.
  8. She had been cooking all afternoon when the guests arrived.
  9. They had been traveling around South America for six months.
  10. He had been living in New York for ten years before moving to California.
  11. I had been working on my thesis for several months.
  12. We had been looking for our lost dog for hours.
  13. She had been watching the series for weeks when she decided to quit.
  14. They had been renovating their house for over a year.
  15. He had been attending yoga classes every week before the studio closed.
  16. I had been following the instructions when I noticed a mistake.

Negative sentences

  1. I hadn’t been sleeping well before I changed my mattress.
  2. She hadn’t been enjoying the book, so she stopped reading it.
  3. They hadn’t been getting along well, which led to their breakup.
  4. He hadn’t been performing up to his usual standards before he took a break.
  5. We hadn’t been visiting our relatives often before the pandemic.
  6. You hadn’t been paying attention when the teacher explained the assignment.
  7. She hadn’t been exercising much, which affected her health.
  8. They hadn’t been communicating effectively, which caused misunderstandings.
  9. He hadn’t been focusing on his career before he realized his mistake.
  10. I hadn’t been taking care of myself before I started feeling unwell.
  11. We hadn’t been seeing each other much before we decided to move in together.
  12. She hadn’t been following the diet plan before she saw no results.
  13. They hadn’t been saving money, which made it difficult to buy a house.
  14. He hadn’t been studying for his exams, which led to poor grades.
  15. I hadn’t been keeping in touch with my old friends.
  16. We hadn’t been enjoying the movie, so we left the cinema early.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Had you been waiting long when I arrived?
  2. Had she been working there long before she quit?
  3. Had they been living here long before the incident occurred?
  4. Had he been studying for his test before he felt confident?
  5. Had we been talking about moving before we finally decided?
  6. Had you been seeing anyone before you met her?
  7. Had she been traveling before she settled down?
  8. Had they been using the old software before they upgraded?
  9. Had he been playing football before he was injured?
  10. Had I been making any progress before I changed my strategy?
  11. Had we been considering other options before we chose this one?
  12. Had you been feeling sick before you went to the doctor?
  13. Had she been selling her artwork before she became famous?
  14. Had they been arguing a lot before they resolved their issues?
  15. Had he been missing his classes often?
  16. Had I been eating healthy before I lost weight?
  17. Had we been getting enough support before the new manager arrived?
  18. Had I been contributing to the team before I was promoted?

Other examples:

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