Wanna meaning

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It is a slang abbreviation of “want to” and is used very often in both spoken and written English. It can be encountered in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It is used to express an opinion or request. The verb “wanna” was formed by a corruption of “want to” as a result of fast speech.

When to use “wanna”

The abbreviation “wanna” is mainly used in casual, friendly conversations.

However, it can also be used in television broadcasts, in statements made by politicians, or in common speech by teachers and professors. In fact, it is a very widespread and common verb that is used by every English-speaking citizen today.

Despite the fact that the term sounds rather American, it is also very widely used in British and Australian English.

“Wanna” should never be used in formal letters or emails. For these purposes, it is always appropriate to use its full form “want to”.

Interesting fact: This verb can also be found in various poems and songs. One song by the famous band The Beatles is even called “Wanna hold your hand”.

Sentence formation

Sentences with the verb “want to” are virtually identical to those using the full form “want to”.

Thus, the general form of the sentence is:

Subject + wanna + the rest of the sentence.


Singular Plural
I wanna We wanna
You wanna You wanna
He/She/It wants to They wanna


From the table, it can be seen that the 3rd person singular form of “wants to” must be chosen. The phrase “He/she/it wanna” is grammatically incorrect.

The exception in this case comes from the addition of the suffix -s to the 3rd person, which we cannot translate into a shortened form.

Despite this, the form “He/She/It wanna” is commonly used in colloquial speech.

The negative form

To form the negative form, the auxiliary verb “do” in its base form and the prefix “not” is used. Thus, the negative is formed in the same way as the full form of “want to”.

I wanna –> I don’t wanna

You wanna –> You don’t wanna

She wants to –> She doesn’t want to

  • I really do not want to do this. –> I really don’t wanna do this.
  • We want to become business partners.  –> We wanna become business partners.
  • Do you want to come with us? –> Do you wanna come with us?
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