TOP 50 Regular verbs

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List of TOP 50 Regular verbs

TOP 50 Regular verbsHere is the list of Top 50 Regular verbs.

Each row contains infinitive first, followed by the simple past (V2) form and the past participle (V3) form. For more detail just click on the verb in the infinite form.

Regular verbs have the same simple past (V2) and past participle (V3) form, unlike irregular verbs.

We have also prepared a list of the top 50 irregular verbs.

List of TOP 50 Regular verbs:

Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle
accept accepted accepted
act acted acted
add added added
behave behaved behaved
cary cared cared
clear cleared cleared
close closed closed
compare compared compared
compete competed competed
describe described described
die died died
disagree disagreed disagreed
disturb disturbed disturbed
dry dried dried
end ended ended
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
fix fixed fixed
follow followed followed
fry fried fried
greet greeted greeted
guess guessed guessed
hunt hunted hunted
identify identified identified
imagine imagined imagined
invite invided invided
join joined joined
jump jumped jumped
knock knocked knocked
love loved loved
manage managed managed
mark marked marked
match matched matched
name named named
need needed needed
open opened opened
order ordered ordered
organize organized organized
pack packed packed
paint painted painted
pass passed passed
perform performed performed
persuade persuaded persuaded
program programmed programmed
protect protected protected
review peviewed peviewed
shop shopped shopped
slow slowed slowed
turn turned turned
underline underlined underlined
want wanted wanted
7.1/10 - (577 votes)