List of irregular verbs in English

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This list contains all the irregular verbs in the English language. There are over 600 irregular verbs in English. Some of them are related, e.g. GET and FORGET.

Each row contains infinitive first, followed by the simple past (V2) form and the past participle (V3) form. For more detail just click on the verb in the infinite form.

Our database also contains obsolete verbs or verbs used only in particular cases or dialects. In the list below there are only the most common forms. For more details, click on the verb in the infinite form. In details, you can also find pronunciation and sound in MP3 audio.

Table legend: 

  • Other forms – ‘yes’ means that a verb has more than one form. Click on Infinitive to see more details
  • Level of Difficulty – on a scale from A2 to C1 where A2 are beginners
  • Related words – if there is, it shows a base form of the word
  • Regular verbs – ‘yes’ means that these verbs are more used as regular, but also have an irregular form

List of irregular verbs in English:

Other forms Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle Level of Difficulty Related word Regular verb
yes abide abided abided C1 bide  
yes abuy abought abought C1 buy  
yes acknow acknew acknown C1 know  
yes adraw adrew adrawn C1 draw  
yes ache oke aken B2   Yes
yes alight alit alit C1 light  
  arise arose arisen C1 rise  
yes awake awoke awoken C1 wake  
yes babysit babysat babysitten B1 sit  
yes backlight backlit backlit C1 light  
yes backslide backslid backslid C1 slide  
  bake book baken A2   Yes
  be was/were been A1    
  bear bore born B2    
  beat beat beaten B1    
yes become became become A2    
yes bedo bedid bedone C1 do  
yes bedraw bedrew bedrawn C1 draw  
yes bedream bedreamt bedreamt C1 dream  
  bedrive bedrove bedriven C1 drive  
  bedwell bedwelt bedwelt C1 dwell  
  befall befell befallen C1 fall  
  befight befought befought C1 fight  
  beget begot begotten C1 get  
  begin began begun A1    
  bego bewent begone C1 go  
  behear beheard beheard C1 hear  
  behold beheld beheld C1 hold  
yes beken bekent bekent C1 ken Yes
  beknit beknit beknit C1 knit  
  belay belaid belaid C1 lay  
  belead beled beled C1 lead  
  beleap beleapt beleapt C1 leap  
  beleave beleft beleft C1 leave  
  bend bent bent B2    
  bequeath bequoth bequoth C1 queath / quethe  
  bereave bereft bereft C1 reave Yes
  besee besaw beseen C1 see  
  beseech besought besought C1   Yes
  beseek besought besought C1 seek  
  beset beset beset C1 set  
  beshine beshone beshone C1 shine  
  bespeak bespoke bespoken C1 speak  
  bespread bespread bespread C1 spread  
  bestrew bestrewed bestrewn C1 strew  
  bestride bestrode bestridden C1 stride  
yes bet bet bet B1    
yes betake betook betaken C2 take  
yes betee betow betow C1 tee Yes
  betide betid betid C2   Yes
yes beweep bewept bewept C1 weep  
  bid bid bid C2    
  bind bound bound C2    
  bite bit bitten B1    
  bleed bled bled B1    
  blend blent blent C2   Yes
  bless blest blest B2    
  blow blew blown B1    
  bottle-feed bottle-fed bottle-fed C1 feed  
  break broke broken A2    
  breastfeed breastfed breastfed B1 feed  
  breed bred bred B2    
  bring brought brought A2    
  broadcast broadcast broadcast B2 cast  
  browbeat browbeat browbeaten C1 beat  
  build built built A2    
  burn burnt burnt B1    
  burst burst burst B2    
  bust bust bust C1    
  buy bought bought A1    
yes can could   A2   Mod
  cast cast cast C2    
  catch caught caught A1    
  clap clapt clapt B1   Yes
  clearcut clearcut clearcut C1 cut  
  cleave cleft cleft C1    
  clepe clept clept C2   Yes
  climb clomb clumb A2   Yes
yes cling clung clung C2    
yes clothe clad clad C1    
  comb combed kempt B1   Yes
yes come came come A1    
yes cost cost cost A2    
yes cowrite cowrote cowritten C2 write  
yes creep crept crept C2    
yes crosscut crosscut crosscut C1 cut  
yes crow crew crown C1    
  cut cut cut A2    
yes dare durst dared B2   Yes
yes deal dealt dealt B1    
yes dig dug dug B1    
yes ding dang dung C2   Yes
yes dive dove dove B1    
  do did done A1    
  dow dought dought C2   Yes
  downcast downcast downcast C1 cast  
  downdraw downdrew downdrawn C1 drew  
  drag drug drug B2   Yes
  draw drew drawn A1    
  dream dreamt dreamt A2    
  dress drest drest A2   Yes
  drink drank drunk A1    
  drive drove driven A1    
  dwell dwelt dwelt C1    
  earn earnt earnt A2   Yes
  eat ate eaten A1    
yes fall fell fallen A2    
yes feed fed fed B1    
  feel felt felt A1    
  fight fought fought B1    
  find found found A1    
  fit fit fit B1    
  flee fled fled C1    
  fling flung flung C1    
yes fly flew flown A1    
yes forbear forbore forborne C2 bear  
yes forbid forbade forbidden B2    
yes force-feed force-feed force-feed C1 feed  
yes forcut forcut forcut C1 cut  
yes fordo fordid fordone C1 do  
  forecast forecast forecast B1 cast  
  forefeel forefelt forefelt C1 feel  
  forego forewent foregone C1 go  
  forehear foreheard foreheard C1 hear  
  foreken forekent forekent C1 ken Yes
  foreknow foreknew foreknown C1 know  
  forelay forelaid forelaid C1 lay  
  forelie forelay forelain C1 lie  
yes foreread foreread foreread C1 read  
  forerun foreran forerun C1 run  
yes foresee foresaw foreseen C1 see  
yes foreshow foreshowed foreshown C1 show  
yes forespeak forespoke forespoken C1 speak  
yes foretell foretold foretold C2 tell  
yes forfret forfretted forfretten C1 fret  
yes forget forgot forgotten A2 get  
  forgive forgave forgiven B1 give  
  forgo forwent forgone C1 go  
  forlay forlaid forlaid C1 lay  
  forleave forleft forleft C1 leave  
  forlend forlent forlent C1 lend  
  forlese forlore forlorn C1   Yes
  forlet forlet forlet C1 let  
  forlie forlay forlain C1 lie  
yes forsake forsook forsaken C2    
  forsay forsaid forsaid C1 say  
  forshape forshope forshapen C1 shape Yes
  forspeak forspoke forspoken C1 speak  
yes forspend forspent forspent C1 spend  
yes forspread forspread forspread C1 spread  
yes forstand forstood forstood C1 stand  
yes forswear forswore forsworn C1 swear  
yes forswink forswank forswunk C1 swink Yes
  fortee fortow fortow C1 tee Yes
  forthcome forthcame forthcome C1 come  
  forthlead forthled forthled C1 lead  
  forthleap forthleapt forthleapt C1 leap  
yes forthtell forthtold forthtold C1 tell  
yes forwear forwore forworn C1 wear  
yes freeze froze frozen B1    
yes fret frate fretten C1    
yes frostbite frostbit frostbitten C1 bite  
yes gainsay gainsaid gainsaid C1 say  
yes get got gotten A1    
yes ghostwrite ghostwrote ghostwritten C2 write  
yes gird girt girt C2   Yes
yes give gave given A1    
yes glide glid glid C1   Yes
yes go went gone A1    
yes grave grove graven C1   Yes
yes green-light green-lit green-lit C1 light  
yes grind ground ground C1    
yes grow grew grew A2    
yes hamstring hamstrung hamstrung C1 string  
yes hand-feed hand-feed hand-feed C1 feed  
yes hand-knit hand-knit hand-knit C1 knit  
yes handset handset handset C1 set  
yes handsew handsewed handsewn C1 sew  
yes handspring handsprang handsprung C1 spring  
yes handwrite handwrote handwritten C1 write  
yes hang hung hung B1    
  have had had A1    
  hear heard heard A1    
  heave hove hoven C1   Yes
  help holp holpen A2   Yes
  hew hew hewn C1    
  hide hid hidden B1    
  hit hit hit A2    
  hoist hoist hoist C1   Yes
  hold held held A2    
  housesit housesat housesat C1 sit  
yes hurt hurt hurt A2    
yes chide chid chidden C2   Yes
yes choose chose chosen A1    
yes inbreed inbred inbred C1 breed  
yes inhold inheld inheld C1 hold  
yes inlay inlaid inlaid C2 lay  
yes inlead inled inled C1 lead  
yes input input input B2 put  
yes inset inset inset C1 set  
yes intake intook intaken C1 take  
yes interbreed interbred interbred C1 breed  
  intercut intercut intercut C1 cut  
yes interlay interlaid interlaid C1 lay  
yes interweave interwove interwoven C2 weave  
yes keep kept kept A2    
yes ken kent kent C1   Yes
yes kneel knelt knelt B2    
yes knit knit knit B1    
yes know knew known A1    
yes lade laded laden C1   Yes
yes laugh laught laught A2   Yes
yes lay laid laid B1    
yes lead led led B1    
  lean leant leant B2    
  leap leapt leapt C2    
yes learn learnt learnt A1    
yes leave left left A1    
yes lend lent lent A2    
yes let let let B1    
yes lie lay lain A2    
yes light lit lit B1    
yes lipread lipread lipread C1 read  
yes lose lost lost A2    
yes make made made A1    
yes may might   B1   Mod
yes mean meant meant A2    
yes meet met met A1    
yes melt molt molten B2   Yes
yes misbear misbore misborne C1 bear  
yes misbecome misbecame misbecome C1 become  
yes misbefall misbefell misbefallen C1 fall  
yes misbeget misbegot misbegotten C1 beget  
yes miscast miscast miscast C1 cast  
  misdeal misdealt misdealt C1 deal  
  misdo misdid misdone C1 do  
  misfall misfell misfallen C1 fall  
  misfeed misfeed misfeed C1 feed  
  misfit misfit misfit C1 fit  
  misget misgot misgotten C1 get  
  misgive misgave misgiven C1 give  
  mishear misheard misheard C1 hear  
  mishit mishit mishit C1 hit  
  mishold misheld misheld C1 hold  
  mischoose mischose mischosen C1 choose  
  miskeep miskept miskept C1 keep  
  misken miskent miskent C1 ken Yes
  misknow misknew misknown C1 know  
  mislay mislaid mislaid C1 lay  
  mislead misled misled C1 lead  
  mislearn mislearnt mislearnt C1 learn  
  misread misread misread C1 read  
  missay missaid missaid C1 say  
  missee missaw misseen C1 see  
  missend missent missent C1 send  
  misset misset misset C1 set  
  misshape misshope misshapen C1 shape Yes
  misshoot misshot misshot C1 shoot  
  misspeak misspoke misspoken C1 speak  
  misspell misspelt misspelt C1 spell  
  misspend misspent misspent C2 spend  
yes mistake mistook mistaken B2 take  
yes mistell mistold mistold C1 tell  
yes misthrow misthrew misthrew C1 throw  
yes misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood B2 stand  
yes miswed miswed miswed C1 wed  
yes miswrite miswrote miswritten C2 write  
yes mix mixt mixt A2   Yes
yes mow mowed mown C1    
yes must     A2   Mod
yes naysay naysaid naysaid C1 say  
yes offlead offled offled C1 lead  
yes offset offset offset C2 set  
yes onlay onlaid onlaid C1 lay  
yes onlead onled onled C1 lead  
yes ought     B2   Mod
yes outbid outbid outbid C1 bid  
yes outbreak outbroke outbroken C1 break  
yes outdo outdid outdone C1 do  
yes outdraw outdrew outdrawn C1 drew  
yes outdrink outdrank outdrunk C1 drink  
yes outdwell outdwelt outdwelt C1 dwell  
yes outeat outate outeaten C1 eat  
yes outfall outfell outfallen C1 fall  
yes outfight outfought outfought C1 fight  
yes outfly outflew outflown C1 fly  
yes outgrow outgrew outgrew C1 grow  
yes outhear outheard outheard C1 hear  
  outken outkent outkent C1 ken Yes
yes outlay outlaid outlaid C2 lay  
yes outlead outled outled C1 lead  
yes outleap outleapt outleapt C1 leap  
yes output output output B2 put  
yes outride outrode outridden C1 ride  
  outrun outran outrun C1 run  
  outsell outsold outsold C1 sell  
yes outshine outshone outshone C1 shine  
yes outspend outspent outspent C2 spend  
yes outspin outspun outspun C1 spin  
yes outspread outspread outspread C1 spread  
yes outstride outstrode outstridden C1 stride  
yes outstrive outstrove outstriven C1 strive  
yes outswear outswore outsworn C1 swear  
yes outswim outswam outswum C1 swim  
  outtell outtold outtold C1 tell  
  outthink outthought outthought C1 think  
  outthrow outthrew outthrew C1 throw  
  outthrust outthrust outthrust C1 thrust  
yes outwear outwore outworn C2 wear  
yes overbear overbore overborn C1 bear  
yes overbeat overbeat overbeaten C1 beat  
  overbend overbent overbent C1 bend  
  overbid overbid overbid C1 bid  
  overblow overblew overblown C1 blow  
  overbreed overbred overbred C1 breed  
yes overbuild overbuilt overbuilt C1 build  
yes overbuy overbought overbought C1 buy  
yes overcast overcast overcast C1 cast  
yes overclothe overclad overclad C1 clothe  
yes overcome overcame overcome B2 come  
yes overdo overdid overdone C1 do  
yes overdraw overdrew overdrawn C1 draw  
yes overdrink overdrank overdrunk C1 drink  
yes overdrive overdrove overdriven C1 drive  
yes overeat overate overeaten C2 eat  
yes overfeed overfeed overfeed C1 feed  
yes overfly overflew overflown C1 fly  
yes overget overgot overgotten C1 get  
yes overgive overgave overgiven C1 give  
yes overgo overwent overgone C1 go  
  overgrow overgrew overgrew C1 grow  
  overhang overhung overhung C1 hang  
  overhear overheard overheard C2 hear  
  overhit overhit overhit C1 hit  
yes overkeep overkept overkept C1 keep  
yes overlade overladed overladen C1 lade Yes
yes overlay overlaid overlaid C1 lay  
yes overlead overled overled C1 lead  
yes overleap overleapt overleapt C1 leap  
yes overlearn overlearnt overlearnt C1 learn  
yes overleave overleft overleft C1 leave  
yes overlie overlay overlain C1 lie  
yes overpay overpaid overpaid C1 pay  
yes override overrode overridden C1 ride  
yes overrun overran overrun C1 run  
yes oversee oversaw overseen C1 see  
yes oversell oversold oversold C1 sell  
yes overset overset overset C1 set  
  oversew oversewed oversewn C1 sew  
  overshake overshook overshaken C1 shake  
yes overshine overshone overshone C1 shine  
yes overshoot overshot overshot C1 shoot  
yes overshrink overshrank overshrunk C1 shrink  
  oversleep overslept overslept B2 sleep  
  overslide overslid overslid C1 slide  
yes overslip overslipt overslipt C1 slip Yes
yes overspend overspent overspent C1 spend  
yes overspill overspilt overspilt C1 spill  
yes overspread overspread overspread C1 spread  
yes overstand overstood overstood C1 stand  
yes overstrew overstrewed overstrewn C1 strew  
yes overstride overstrode overstridden C1 stride  
yes overstrike overstruck overstruck C1 strike  
yes overstring overstrung overstrung C1 string  
yes overstrive overstrove overstriven C1 strive  
yes overswing overswang overswung C1 swing  
yes overtake overtook overtaken B2 take  
yes overthrow overthrew overthrew C2 throw  
yes overwear overwore overworn C1 wear  
yes overwet overwet overwet C1 wet  
  overwork overwrought overwrought B1 work  
  overwrite overwrote overwritten B2 write  
yes partake partook partaken C2 take  
yes pay paid paid A1    
yes pen pent pent C1   Yes
yes plead pled pled C2    
  podcast podcast podcast C1 cast  
  precast precast precast C1 cast  
yes prepay prepaid prepaid C1 pay  
yes preset preset preset B2 set  
yes proofread proofread proofread C1 read  
yes prove proved proven B1    
yes put put put A1    
yes queath quoth quoth C1   Yes
yes quick-freeze quick-froze quick-frozen C1 freeze  
yes quit quit quit B1    
yes read read read A1    
yes reach raught raught C1   Yes
  reave reft reft C1   Yes
yes rebid rebid rebid C1 bid  
yes rebreak rebroke rebroken C1 break  
  rebuild rebuilt rebuilt B1 build  
  recast recast recast C1 cast  
yes recut recut recut C1 cut  
yes redeal redeal redeal C1 deal  
yes redo redid redone C1 do  
yes redraw redrew redrawn C1 drew  
yes refind refound refound C1 find  
yes refreeze refroze refrozen C1 freeze  
yes regrow regrew regrew C1 grow  
  rehear reheard reheard C1 hear  
yes re-lay re-laid re-laid C1 lay  
yes relearn relearnt relearnt C1 learn  
  relight relit relit C1 light  
yes remake remade remade C1 make  
  rend rent rent C2    
yes repay repaid repaid B2 pay  
  reprove reproved reproved C2 prove  
yes reread reread reread C1 read  
yes rerun reran rerun C1 run  
yes resell resold resold C1 sell  
yes resend resent resent C1 send  
  reset reset reset C1 set  
  reshoe reshod reshodden C1 shoe  
yes reshoot reshot reshot C1 shoot  
yes reshow reshowed reshown C1 show  
yes reshut reshut reshut C1 shut  
yes resing resang resung C1 sing  
yes resit resat resat C1 sit  
yes retake retook retaken B2 take  
yes retell retold retold B2 tell  
yes rethink rethought rethought C1 think  
yes retread retrod retrodden C1 tread  
yes rewed rewed rewed C1 wed  
yes rewind rewound rewound C1 wind  
yes rewrite rewrote rewritten B2 write  
  rid rid rid B2    
yes ride rode ridden A1    
  ring rang rung A2    
yes rise rose risen B1    
yes rive rove riven C1   Yes
yes run ran run A1    
  saw sawed sawn C2   Yes
yes say said said A1    
yes see saw seen A1    
  seek sought sought B2    
yes seethe sod sodden C1   Yes
yes self-feed self-feed self-feed C1 feed  
yes sell sold sold A2    
yes send sent sent A1    
yes set set set B1    
yes sew sewed sewn B1    
  shake shook shaken B1    
yes shall should   B1   Mod
  shape shope shapen C1   Yes
  shave shove shaven B1   Yes
yes shear shore shorn C2    
yes shed shed shed C1    
yes shine shone shone B1    
  shit shit shit C1   Yes
yes shite shit shit C1 shit Yes
  shoe shod shod C2    
yes shoot shot shot B1    
  show showed shown A1    
  shred shred shred C1   Yes
  shrink shrank shrunk B2    
yes shrive shrived shrived C1   Yes
yes shut shut shut A2    
  sight-read sight-read sight-read C1 read  
yes sightsee sightsaw sightseen C1 see  
  simulcast simulcast simulcast C1 cast  
yes sing sang sung A1    
yes sink sank sunk B1    
yes sit sat sat A1    
yes slay slew slain C2    
  sleep slept slept A1    
  slide slid slid B2    
yes sling slung slung C2    
  slink slunk slunk C2    
yes slip slipt slipt C1   Yes
yes slit slit slit C2    
  smell smelt smelt B1    
  smite smote smitten C1   Yes
yes sneak snuck snuck C2    
  soothsay soothsaid soothsaid C1 say  
yes sow sowed sown C1    
  speak spoke spoken A1    
  speed speed speed B2    
yes spell spelt spelt A2    
yes spend spent spent A2    
yes spill spilt spilt B1    
yes spin spun spun C1    
yes spit spit spit C2    
yes split split split B1    
yes spoil spoilt spoilt B1    
  spoon-feed spoon-feed spoon-feed C1 feed  
yes spread spread spread B2    
yes spring sprang sprung C2    
yes stand stood stood A2    
yes starve storve storven C1   Yes
  stave stove stoven C1   Yes
yes stay staid staid A2   Yes
yes steal stole stolen A2    
yes stick stuck stuck B1    
  sting stung stung B2    
  stink stank stunk C1    
  stretch straught straught C1   Yes
  strew strewed strewn C1   Yes
  stride strode stridden C1    
yes strike struck struck B1    
yes string strung strung C2    
yes strip stript stript C1    
  strive strove strove C2    
  sublet sublet sublet C2 let  
yes sunburn sunburnt sunburnt B2 burn  
yes swear swore sworn B2    
yes sweat sweat sweat B2    
yes sweep swept swept B2    
yes swell upswole upswollen B1   Yes
yes swelt swolt swolten C1   Yes
yes swim swam swum A1    
yes swing swung swung B2    
yes swink swank swunk C1   Yes
yes take took taken A1    
  teach taught taught A1    
yes tear tore torn B1    
yes tee tow tow C1   Yes
yes telecast telecast telecast C1 cast  
  tell told told A1    
yes test-drive test-drove test-driven C1 drive  
  test-fly test-flew test-flown C1 fly  
yes think thought thought A1    
  thrive throve throve C1    
  throw threw threw A2    
  thrust thrust thrust B2    
yes toswink toswank toswunk C1 swink Yes
  tread trod trodden C2    
  typecast typecast typecast C1 cast  
yes umbedraw umbedrew umbedrawn C1 drew  
yes unbend unbent unbent C1 bend  
yes unbind unbound unbound C1 bind  
  unclothe unclad unclad C1 clothe  
yes underbear underbore underborne C1 bear  
yes underbet underbet underbet C1 bet  
yes underbid underbid underbid C1 bid  
  underbind underbound underbound C1 bind  
yes underbuild underbuilt underbuilt C1 build  
yes underbuy underbought underbought C1 buy  
yes undercast undercast undercast C1 cast  
yes underclothe underclad underclad C1 clothe  
yes undercut undercut undercut C1 cut  
yes underdo underdid underdone C1 do  
yes underdraw underdrew underdrawn C1 drew  
yes undereat underate undereaten C1 eat  
  underfeed underfeed underfeed C1 feed  
yes underget undergot undergot C1 get  
yes undergird undergirt undergirt C1 gird  
yes undergo underwent undergone C1 go  
yes undergrow undergrew undergrew C1 grow  
  underhang underhung underhung C1 hang  
yes underhew underhew underhewn C1 hew  
yes underhit underhit underhit C1 hit  
yes underkeep underkept underkept C1 keep  
yes underlay underlaid underlaid C1 lay  
yes underlead underled underled C1 lead  
yes underlet underlet underlet C1 let  
yes underlie underlay underlain C1 lie  
yes underpay underpaid underpaid C1 pay  
yes underput underput underput C1 put  
yes underrun underran underrun C1 run  
yes undersee undersaw underseen C1 see  
yes undersell undersold undersold C1 sell  
  undershoot undershot undershot C1 shoot  
yes undersleep underslept underslept C1 sleep  
yes underspread underspread underspread C1 spread  
yes understand understood understood B1 stand  
  undertake undertook undertaken C1 take  
yes underthrow underthrew underthrew C1 throw  
yes underwrite underwrote underwrote C2 write  
yes undo undid undone B2 do  
yes unfreeze unfroze unfrozen C1 freeze  
yes unhear unheard unheard C1 hear  
yes unlay unlaid unlaid C1 lay  
yes unlearn unlearnt unlearnt C1 learn  
  unmake unmade unmade C1 make  
yes unweave unwove unwoven C1 weave  
yes unwind unwound unwound C1 wind  
yes upcast upcast upcast C1 cast  
yes updraw updrew updrawn C1 drew  
yes upgrow upgrew upgrew C1 grow  
yes uphang uphung uphung C1 hang  
yes upheave uphove uphoven C1 heave  
yes uphold upheld upheld C2 hold  
yes uplay uplaid uplaid C1 lay  
yes uplead upled upled C1 lead  
  uprise uprose uprisen C1 rise  
yes upsell upsold upsold C1 sell  
yes upset upset upset B2 set  
yes upstand upstood upstood C1 stand  
yes upsweep upswept upswept C1 sweep  
yes upswell upswole upswollen C1 swell  
yes uptake uptook uptaken C1 take  
yes uptear uptore uptorn C1 tear  
yes upthrow upthrew upthrew C1 throw  
yes vex vext vext C2   Yes
  wake woke woken A1    
yes wax wex waxen C1   Yes
yes waylay waylaid waylaid C1 lay  
yes wear wore worn A1    
yes weave wove woven C1    
yes webcast webcast webcast C1 cast  
yes wed wed wed C1    
yes weep wept wept C2    
yes wend went went C1   Yes
yes wet wet wet B2    
yes will would   C1   Mod
yes win won won A2    
  wind wound wound B2    
yes withdraw withdrew withdrawn C1 drew  
yes withgo withwent withgone C1   Yes
yes withhold withheld withheld C2 hold  
yes withsay withsaid withsaid C1 say  
  withset withset withset C1 set  
  withsit withsat withsat C1 sit  
  withstand withstood withstood C2 stand  
  withtake withtook withtaken C1 take  
yes work wrought wrought A2   Yes
yes worth worth worth C2   Yes
yes wreak wroke wroken C1   Yes
yes wring wrang wrung B2    
yes write wrote written A1    
yes writhe wrothe writhen C1   Yes

How do I learn irregular verbs?

There are several successful tricks to make your brain remember something. These mental tricks can be very easily applied to learning just about anything, not just irregular verbs. Here are just a few:

Engage multiple sense while you study.

What does that mean in practice:

Read and try to memorize the irregular verbs.

Next, try and write them down off the top of your head.

Find an audio track where the verbs are used and listen to how they’re used by native speakers.

And last but not least – speak! Use the irregular verbs in sentences and say them out loud.

Slowly but surely

You can’t possibly learn everything at once. Choose one verb at a time and repeat it for yourself all day. Next morning, start with the revision of the irregular verbs you already know, and add one new to the list.

Create a schedule and be consistent. Select three to four days a week and schedule a specific time to study. This won’t take more than 15 minutes, so you can easily get down to learning the verbs five times a week.

However, be consistent and make sure you study regularly.

Having said that, don’t overstretch yourself trying to study all the time. Your brain needs a rest too, so be sure to have a break. Twice a day, five times a week will do.

Use your imagination

Create a story or a mental picture for each of the verbs.

Take the irregular verb dig [dig], for example. Picture this: you’re digging up in a mine when you suddenly find a giant diamond. As it hits the diamond, your pickaxe makes a loud clunking noise sounding like ‘dig’. The pickaxe will break into a thousand pieces but you’ve found a real gem.

The more interesting, and silly the story is, the more your brain is likely to remember the verb.

In a similar vein, the past form and past participle of this irregular verb are dug [dag]. Let’s assume it’s been some time since you found the diamond (it’s the past now) but you can still hear the pickaxe clunking in your ears. It’s not as sharp as before, so now it sounds like [dag].

Divide irregular verbs in logical groups

There are a number of ways to divide irregular verbs in groups. Below you can find two of them. However, feel free to create different groups if you like. As long as it seems logical to your brain, it will help you memorize the verbs.

  • List of irregular verbs in levels (A2 (most common), A1, B2, B1, C2, C1 )
  • Top 10 irregular verbs (top 20, 23, 30, 50, 100)
  • Modal verbs


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