Third form of READ

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The third form of the verb READ is pronounced /red/ – it is a bit more complex than the others, so it deserves a bit more attention. It is used in the past perfect tense and the 3rd form is also used in the past perfect continuous tense. This tense is used to describe something that happened in the past, but it happened before a certain point in time. It is a more complex verb form and is often used in longer sentences.

Example of the third form of READ:

  • I had read an English book.
  • I had read Moby Dick three times by the time I was ten years old.

What does “read” mean?

The most used definitions for the verb “to read” are:

  • To look at, interpret, and comprehend the meaning of written material
  • To verbalize written material, usually to another person who is listening
10/10 - (4 votes)