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Present perfect of clothe

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Present perfect

I have clothed; clad

The present perfect tense is a combination of the present tense and perfect aspect that expresses an event in the past with consequences in the present.

For this tense we use auxiliary verbs in their base form in combination with main verbs in their past participle form. This tense is quite easy to learn but harder to use in practice, but nonetheless it’s a tense we must know. To properly construct sentences, we have to learn all the irregular verbs and know their forms.
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have clothed; clad 
have clothed; clad 
has clothed; clad 
have clothed; clad 
have clothed; clad 
have clothed; clad 



Other verbs conjugation clothe

Present "clothe"clothe
Present Continuous "clothe"am clothing
Simple past "clothe"clothed; clad
Past Continuous "clothe"was clothing
Present perfect "clothe"have clothed; clad
Present perfect continuous "clothe"have been clothing
Past perfect "clothe"had clothed; clad
Past perfect continuous "clothe"had been clothing
Future "clothe"will clothe
Future continuous "clothe"will be clothing
Future perfect "clothe"will have clothed; clad
Future perfect continuous "clothe"will have been clothing

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